30 Jul 1980, Oozits (Beach Club), Manchester

30 Jul 1980, Oozits (Beach Club), Manchester  - ACR Gigography

30 Jul - Oozits, Manchester - "Beach Club" night (w/ New Order and Action Holidays)

**NOTE - This was New Order's debut gig (NO were not billed at all, nor were they even called New Order at this point. ACR were the headline act). They were a late replacement for The Names. Evidently Barney said, "The Names couldn't make it, so we're playing instead. We're the last surviving members of Crawling Chaos." This was a benefit show for the "Printed Noise" fanzine, which was run by Andrew Wilson (of Action Holidays, later of the Passage). Thanks to Mark Bursa for info!

See also: Beach Club flyer via mdmarchive.co.uk