(early) 1978, Pip's Disco, Manchester

[early] 1978, Pip's Disco, Manchester - ACR Gigography

?? ??? (early 1978) - Pip's Disco, Manchester - Original duo of Terrell & Topping (one of the first gigs per interview from 'Early' CD set booklet)

"I was 18, turning 19. They looked about 12. And there was just the two of them. They had been going for about six months or something. I think that was one of their first gigs, the gig at Pip's. I got chatting to them afterwards. But then I didn't see them for like six months. I just bumped into Simon in the street and I said, how's the band going? And he said he was looking for a bass player. And I had a bass. I couldn't play, but neither could they. And then we did some gigs at Band On The Wall (Manchester). And that's where we met Martin."

- Jez (from 'Early' sleevenotes)